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2020 General Election Progress Update

Here's an update on our work obtaining and converting official election results from the 2020 general election. As more states certify their results, we're adding entire states and selected counties.

Statewide Results Done

This week we've posted statewide precinct results for three more states: Alaska, Arizona and New Hampshire. That makes 30 states done so far! You can keep track of our progress here.

Collecting Official Results by County

We've expanded the number of states where we are collecting results directly from counties this year in an effort to provide as much detail as possible about an election conducted under very unusual circumstances. In particular, states like Florida, Missouri and Michigan that provide a single precinct results file do not include breakouts of votes by type (early voting vs. election day, for example) which is critical information for the 2020 election. That's on top of our usual collection from counties in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Utah, Texas and California. This will mean that we won't post results as quickly for some states, but thanks to the work of our volunteers on the 2020 primaries we're in a better position to parse more results files faster. Our collection efforts right now are focused on Michigan, Florida and Missouri.

As we collect county files, we need to convert them, typically from PDF format to CSVs. We're doing that in Texas, Michigan, Pennsylvania and California, and will be adding other states to the mix.

This Week's Work

This week we have added the following converted official general election results:

We've also been collecting official precinct results from these states, and you can help with that effort, too:

One Last Thing

We're also committing to producing county-level results with as much detail as possible. That means breaking out votes by type where possible, like we're doing in Michigan. As always, we rely on the support and efforts of lots of volunteers; if you'd like to join them, email us at